Great article about Senior Living dining programs

“Buffets are especially effective when held in conjunction with special events such as holidays, or a weekly prime rib night, Costello says.” “Food costs are too high to make this an everyday thing,” he says. “If your community rolls out and markets specialty nights correctly, they will play a big role in resident satisfaction and […]

Airbnb is the reason Senior Living occupancy rates are dropping on a national level, and here is the proof

The fastest growing demographic of Airbnb hosts are over 60 years old.  Airbnb currently has 320,000 hosts over the age of 60 and they have earned a total of $747 million through the company’s service. “Becoming an Airbnb host has allowed me to stay in my home,” said one over 60 Airbnb host from Florida.  

Independent Living Sales and Marketing teams need to change their game plan

Without real innovation, IL occupancy rates will continue to trend downward across all companies. The IL sales model is under attack from in-home care, age in place technologies and even companies like Airbnb. Without an industry-wide IL reset in the sales, and marketing thought processes, I believe rough waters are ahead… Independent Living Innovation a Must […]