Simple Solutions for Your Campus Lodging Operations.


Simple software for guests visiting your campus

Who is expecting travel style software for your lodging program?

  • Visiting professors or lecturers
  • Potential students and their families
  • Short-term summer guests
  • Friends & family visiting students or faculty
  • Alumni visiting for events or meetings
  • Family members of University medical stays


Simple software for athletic events and athletic departments

Impress guests in for the big game or checking out your athletic program!

  • An organized system for athletes visiting your campus
  • An organized system for your coaches families and friends visiting campus
  • An organized system when media visits for games
  • White label software system provides confidence in your organization
  • Organizing your system to generate more revenue on gamedays

What are the benefits of using our software?

An organized system that offers multiple benefits.

  • Housekeeping alert system keeps your team organized and consistent
  • Automated e-mail check in & check out confirmation system for your guests
  • Occupancy analytics and financial reporting
  • Phone and e-mail support systems
  • The ability to process your own payments
  • Promotional codes help you track expenses associated with free of charge stays